For the first time to acquire the certificate of water stewardship from AWS

In June 2023, BAT-Vinataba joint-venture factory in Dong Nai was granted the certificate of AWS International Water Stewardship, approved by Alliance for Water Stewardship.

The AWS International Water Stewardship Standard is being highly appreciated by several big corporates in the world, also one of the key programmes that BAT Group commits to implementing for all operations sites by 2030. This certificate is another strong testament to BAT Vietnam’s relentless efforts to protect water resources, towards sustainability goals.

AWS Certificate

AWS International Water Stewardship to BAT Vietnam

This certificate is valid over a period of 3 years, contingent upon annual surveillance audits, meeting conditions as laid out in AWS Standard.

Through this recognition, BAT-Vinataba joint-venture factory aims to ensure the water balance in the basin, water quality and equality in the use of clean water, as well as water ecosystem protection in our production activities.

BAT-Vinataba joint-venture factory

BAT-Vinataba joint-venture factory to drive effective water resource management