Reducing carbon emissions, creating a sustainable future

In late April, the factory of BAT Vietnam in Dong Nai achieved PAS2060 carbon neutral verification for Scope 1 & 2 emissions carried out by Totum Institute (Brazil). This is a testament to the fact that BAT Vietnam is persisting with its goal of reducing carbon emissions in our direct operations to create a sustainable future and protect the environment in Vietnam.

BAT factory in Dong Nai achieves carbon neutrality in the scope of 1&2

BAT factory in Dong Nai achieves carbon neutrality in the scope of 1&2

To be recognized by the Totum Institute - a reputable organization  managing the renewable energy certification system in Brazil, the factory in Dong Nai had to pass strict evaluation and assessment.

BAT Vietnam associates production with sustainability

With advanced machinery and equipment, BAT Vietnam associates production with sustainability

From 2017, the factory focused on the effective management of energy usage with advanced technology by implementing various projects to reduce carbon emissions including smart chillers, inverters and smart control for air compressor machines, compressed air pressure and LED lighting.

LED light

An simple application such as LED light also contributes to reducing the carbon footprint of the factory

In addition, the factory has transformed to renewable energy, using new sources of energy which have lower emissions such as a solar hot water system for the canteen, biomass boiler, rooftop solar power system, and purchased green electricity.

BAT leaders in rooftop solar power system

BAT leaders participated in the inauguration ceremony of the rooftop solar power system at the factory

Thanks to this achievement, Vietnam is the fifth operations site in the APMEA region of BAT (Asia – Pacific, Middle East, Africa) recognized for PAS2060 carbon neutrality.