Diversity & Inclusion culture creates a deeper connection among employees at BAT Vietnam

BAT Vietnam believes fostering Diversity & Inclusion (D&I) is integral to success and is a critical component of the company.

Along with the Group’s strategy, BAT Vietnam commits to cultivating a culture where every person, irrespective of gender, background, or ethnicity, has equal opportunities and access to the support they require. It’s part of the company’s DNA, and it permeates every single goal that the company sets out to accomplish as well as creates a firm connection among employees.

Mr. Hamzah Fazal, Head of Talent, Culture & Inclusion, Vietnam Cluster at BAT sincerely shared that: “We proudly are one of the leaders in championing a holistic diversity framework, where the company strives to create an environment where people, despite their differences and personal circumstances, can feel supported”.

“We frequently host honest discussions and awareness sessions through special occasions, quarterly town-hall meetings, or monthly company events. We also have launched multiple policies and programmes aimed at supporting the needs of our diverse workforce, such as the employee assistant scheme and flexible working policy” said Hamzah Fazal.

Cultural Diversity Day

BAT celebrated Cutural Diversity Day

Over the years, BAT Vietnam has organized various events focusing on D&I and starts to see encouraging results in gender diversity numbers. In particular, the senior-level management of BAT Vietnam comprises 46% women, and our overall female management stands at 42%. In the company’s bi-annual employee engagement survey, the category “Diversity and Inclusion” received favourable responses from 89% of employees, compared to 76% in other global fast-moving consumer goods companies.

Such achievements are because the company approaches D&I from multiple angles. For example, advocating female talent, especially where there is still a societal bias against women in manufacturing and sales activities.

In addition, the company has implemented processes and governance throughout the employee lifecycle to minimize biases and ensure people are recruited, developed, and promoted purely on merit.

With the great results mentioned above, BAT Vietnam believes that D&I is always key in driving a deeper connection between employees and leaders. We will continue to create a consistently high trust, psychologically safe workplace, where employees are always welcomed and play a role in the development of the company.