BAT-Vinataba participated in the trip to the leaf-growing area, recognizing many positive results

In March, BAT-Vinataba JV visited the leaf-growing area in Gia Lai, one of the largest leaf-growing areas in Vietnam. Along with BAT-Vinataba JV, the trip included representatives from a number of government departments and organizations, such as the Ministry of Industry and Trade, the Committee for Management of State Capital, Vietnam Tobacco Association, Vinataba, and other stakeholders.

Leaf growing area visit

It was also an opportunity for the company to proudly share its achievements in recent years with leaders and government representatives, such as the development of loose-leaf barn, drip irrigation systems, and new sustainable initiatives. The BAT-Vinataba JV has pinned high hopes on the success of the application of new elite hybrid varieties and the Ripe Top project in the future.

Leaf development programme

BAT-Vinataba JV is currently working with leaf-growing areas in Tay Ninh, Gia Lai, Dak Lak, Cao Bang, Lang Son and Son La. More than 1,500 farming households are engaged in growing tobacco leaf in these areas and have been supported by BAT’s Tobacco Leaf Development Programme.

Trips to the leaf-growing areas are an annual event as part of the Tobacco Leaf Development Programme. This is of great significance to BAT-Vinataba JV in ensuring a sustainable and high-quality supply of leaves. Thanks to the programme, the company has created positive energy and improved crop yields as well as farmers' incomes.