The positive impact of the "Women's Empowerment" program in Long An

BAT Vietnam's "Women's Empowerment" program initially helped 40 women and their families in Long An province to overcome their difficulties.

According to a report released in July 2022 by the Women's Union of Duc Hue district in Long An province, with the financial support of BAT as well as the attention of local authorities, 40 women in two communes in the border areas received much-needed support to overcome difficulties and improve their livelihoods.

Accordingly, the loan amount of 400 million VND without interest given to 40 women in the communes of My Quy Dong and My Thanh Tay has had positive results. By investing in a variety of business models, most of the households are now self-sustaining and even have monthly savings.

Improving livelihoods

Through various investing models, the loan has enabled many households to stabilize their income and improve their livelihoods.

My Quy Dong and My Thanh Tay are located in remote border areas, and most of the people rely strongly on agriculture. With already low and unsecured incomes, unstable jobs have been severely affected by the weight of the prolonged pandemic. The timely support of the Women Empowerment program that offers interest-free loans is a simple but extremely practical approach, joining hands with local authorities to help disadvantaged women and their families in the area to overcome difficulties and improve their livelihoods.