BAT Vietnam contributes to COVID-19 vaccine fund while maintaining production during the pandemic.

BAT Vietnam contributed US$50,000, equivalent to over VND1.1 billion, to the Vietnamese vaccine fund. On top of that, BAT has successfully applied the stay-at-work effort at its joint-venture factory to maintain production whilst preventing and fighting the pandemic.

Since the recent fourth wave of COVID-19, BAT has supported the Government as well as the local community with efforts such as donating essentials to people in Gia Lai province in February 2021. BAT also cooperated with HCM City Police to donate rice to people in need in the southern metropolis, Phu Yen and Khanh Hoa provinces in August 2021. In addition, BAT contributed US$50,000 - equivalent to over VND 1.1 billion, to the national COVID-19 vaccine fund.

Testing for COVID-19

BAT Vietnam fights the pandemic on both fronts by maintaining production with the stay-at-work model while preventing COVID-19 spread.

Besides these external activities to support the community, BAT has also ensured COVID-19 safety in the workplace and maintained production, with the stay-at-work model being adopted by employees at joint venture factories in HCM City and Dong Nai province. Since early July this year, workers have been living far from their families to work and live at these factories.

Employees keeping social distance

The stay-at-work employees maintain social distancing in their daily life to ensure workplace safety.

The management teams have provided the best conditions for these dedicated employees. Thanks to their engagement and commitment, the company has gained outstanding achievements. For instance, productivity at the VINA-BAT factory, located in Binh Chanh, HCM City, reached 85%, breaking the record and becoming the first BAT factory in the world to reach such a high ratio.

Keeping spirits high

BAT Vietnam creates a positive, fun and encouraging working environment, keeping the employee's spirit high.

BAT Vietnam, alongside its employees, has successfully operated the stay-at-work model by providing a well-conditioned place to stay and work while maintaining and promoting a safe and healthy environment with a positive mentality among employees in the fight against COVID-19.

Our most memorable “stay-at-work” moments:

Ensure workplace safety - employees are regularly checked for health:

Stay at work moments

Employee testing

Employee testing

Recreational and health-promoting sports activities:

Outdoor activity

Outdoor activity

The employees create and recycle everyday items:


People support each other in daily activities:


Hair cut

Employees are always upbeat and positive:

Happy employees

Happy employees