BAT culture developed despite Covid-19

BAT Vietnam always cares for its employees, thereby building a strong and cohesive community. Due to the long-term pandemic, employees have had to switch to working from home, but that hasn’t faded that sense of community spirit. In fact it has been enhanced significantly through a wide range of activities including a recent online competition and talks.

The Wellness Week received strong support from BAT members. Through a series of five talks running from June 21 to 25, more than 100 people were trained about the different aspects of wellness and its importance.

Wellness week poster

The Wellness Week helps raising awareness about different aspect of well through five sharing sessions by leaders and experts.

In detail, during the Wellness Week, employees participated in talks that covered finance, nutrition, spiritual mind and career paths, as well as practicing yoga and meditation with our leaders and external experts.


Throughout the Wellness Week, employees are instructed yoga and meditation by experts from basic to advanced levels.

In addition, an online portal is now available exclusively for employees with articles, videos and tools to help improve overall wellness.

The WFH Challenge was another activity which aimed to connect employees and keep everyone engaged during the “work from home” season by encouraging them to share their daily experiences.

Taking place from June 7 to 18, participants posted photos of their home working spaces on Yammer – our internal social network.

Home working

One of many lovely working-from-home corners submitted to the WFH Challenge.

Not only did this provide for the mental well-being of our employees, but also offered healthy, nutritious, eco-friendly food gift packages as prizes after each and every project. This reflects the importance BAT places on caring for its employees and how their well-being is always prioritized.

Generally speaking, the values that are core to BAT’s culture have been promoted strongly despite the challenging context that our company has been facing to maintain employee engagement and development during the pandemic.