Water circulation reaches 35%

BAT’s plant in Dong Nai increased its water circulation rate from 26% in 2000 to 35% in Q1 2021 by using rainwater instead of fresh water source, and by reusing water for the deodorization system. This is also the most enthusiastic response to this year’s World Water Day (March 22) with the theme of Value of Water.

Water recycling

BAT- Vinataba joint venture factory in Dong Nai province takes advantage of the wastewater reuse system for the purpose of watering plants.

With what has been achieved this year, BAT in Vietnam is proud to stand among other members across the world not only because the rate of water loss decreases by 20% in the past year, but also because Water circulation has increased year-by-year thanks to a focus on leak management activities, replacement of water-saving equipment and changes in maintenance procedures to save water.