30th anniversary of successful partnership between CNS and BAT

CNS and BAT celebrated the 30th anniversary of successful partnership in Vietnam.

CNC and BAT celebrate

On 7 October, 2016 Saigon Industry Corporation (CNS) and British American Tobacco (BAT) celebrated the 30th anniversary of successful partnership in Vietnam. This cordial relationship between two parties proves the success of the model of domestic and international cooperation, paving the way for Vietnam’s global economic integration since 1986.

Over the years, BAT and CNS have made significant contributions to the local community.

The two companies have donated nearly VND80 billion to Vietnam’s fund for the prevention and control of tobacco. CNS has additionally donated VND60 billion for community activities, such as building charity houses and taking care of Vietnamese Heroic Mothers – mothers who have made numerous contributions and sacrifices to the cause of national liberation, construction, and defense.

BAT focuses on sustainable projects in education, improvements in community living quality, and sustainable agriculture. Other noticeable contributions they have made to Vietnam include building rural roads and bridges, and providing three million seedlings to green 10,000 hectares of barren land in places such as Lang Son, Cao By, Gia Lai, Tay Ninh, Dong Thap, and Bac Kan.

Chu Tien Dung, general director of CNS, had this to say about the recognition: “CNS and BAT represent an outstanding international partnership in Vietnam. Our cordial relationship over the past 30 years proves the model’s success. To strengthen the partnership, CNS always welcomes new ideas, while BAT makes great efforts to find common interests with CNS. On the journey, CNS and BAT have become the best of partners for each other.”