Human Resources

Talent are the key assets of our company. We keep offering our people - Vietnamese talent great opportunities to unlock their possibilities at BAT in Vietnam.

Human Resources (HR) at BAT in Vietnam is all about how to attract the right local talent, develop them to the next level in their career and retain them in the organisation. To drive an ambitious and vibrant people agenda, we always proactively innovate our HR approach and the supporting tools to ensure that we put in place what is best for our people. As part of a truly global company, BAT in Vietnam inherits the best legacy in terms of standardized talent management processes, robust reward strategies, strong learning and development agendas, and talent mobility across different markets within the Group.

Human resources team

Working in HR at BAT in Vietnam, you will join a dynamic and innovative team to bring the best global HR practices to develop Vietnamese talent into future leaders and build a winning organisation. As HR Business Partners, you will provide strategic consultancy to all other business functions on their people agenda, drive organizational effectiveness and ensure that our people are listened to, taken care of, and provided with the right opportunities.

Laila Ngo - HR Director
I joined BAT Philippines as an HR Executive in 2014. 6 years, 6 roles and 2 countries later I’m still amazed by how BAT continues to challenge me.

HRBP scope to talent management. I’ve also had the opportunity to do a regional role which allowed me to work with different markets such as Malaysia and Indonesia before I finally moved to Vietnam. Working in a different country is not only a professional development opportunity, this is a very personal one too. You will learn new business dynamics, challenges but most importantly the culture too. BAT develops its talent in an international platform, you just don’t know where the next opportunity would be!

And speaking of international, BAT has a diverse group of talent from all over the world and from different background. One of the best things about working for BAT is because we are so diverse, you will learn how to see things in a different perspective and collaborate to achieve top notch results. If you want to challenge yourself, have an international career and work with diverse group of people, BAT is the place for you.
Laila Ngo - HR Director