Marketing is one of the most exciting departments of BAT in Vietnam. It is the driving function with a steering influence on all other functions within the organisation.

Very few multinational FMCG companies in Vietnam allow marketing specialists to get experience in both planning and execution of a diverse brand portfolio. At BAT Vietnam, you are given that challenge. From brand and research, to business development, and trade, each individual is tested against the most demanding and exciting benchmarks in the FMCG marketing world.

Marketing team

Trieu Quang Minh – Head of Trade Marketing
Since joined BAT in 2015, I have been challenging with multiple positions in different aspects, from Business Development, Trade, Strategic Project Planning, and Brand Portfolio Development. It is a non-stop-learning journey alongside with BAT culture that excites and drives me in every step in BAT.

Looking back, I would never imagine myself working in the current position. This is a totally new horizon for me to explore, from technical knowledge, consumer insights to portfolio strategies. There are always new skill sets to be learnt & improved. My function requires to works and connects with all other functions in the company, from local to regional stakeholders, from the top management team to the field forces in the market or workers in the factories. This position is how challenging and exciting at the same time!

At BAT, if you simply walk, you will be left behind in such a fast and bold organization. Let’s just imagine you walking into a meeting with colleagues coming from all 5 continents, in all different and equally appreciated genders, either face to face or via online meeting, sharing ideas, viewpoints. It is show how diverse we are. Cooperating with stakeholders national and global alike, has been leading me to and excessive number of learning experiences, diverse mindsets, and unexpected challenges. All of these motivate and drive me every day to work. At BAT, you are encouraged to make mistakes because that’s how we grow.

What I appreciate most at BAT is that everyone in the company from the top to the bottom is incredibly supportive and makes me proud to be surrounded by such brilliant, responsive, and leading-edge professionals.
Trieu Quang Minh – Head of Trade Marketing

Pham Hoang Anh – Group Brand Director
Being in BAT since 2016 in diverse roles is a journey beyond what I can imagine. The company always focuses on developing people, making sure we are working in the best environment & culture enabling us to do our best at work. Like many other female colleagues, I’m offered clear paths to fast-track my career into leadership roles. In BAT, we value and understand diversity is one of the key drivers for building a solid international corporate, regardless of your gender, nationality, ethics.

With a fast-changing world of uncertainty, my business planning and decisions must be agile, dynamic, and bold to seizure opportunities and navigate through challenges. Together as a team, we never stop raising the bar, conquering new heights to continuously deliver a better future.

Unlocking your full potential, empowering you with a clear line of sight, surrounding yourself with talented people are what BAT can surely offer. Joining us and you will be surprisingly happy to see how far you will go, how much you will learn and how fast you will grow.
Pham Hoang Anh – Group Brand Director

Consumer Marketing

Consumer Marketing includes Brand team & Consumer Insights team.

Brand is the essence of Marketing at BAT in Vietnam. Involvement in product development is a critical part of Marketing and it is what makes the work in Brand exciting and unique. Unlike other products, communicating a tobacco brand requires a very innovative and out-of-the-box approach in order to stay fresh in the consumers’ mind, yet strictly comply with the local laws and the global responsible marketing principles.

Consumer Insights team serves as the foundation of all of our innovations. We value our consumers and are committed to “satisfying the consumers’ moments”. The work in SP&I is very challenging but also extremely engaging and rewarding. We have to keep abreast of cross category trends, in price positioning, packaging and overall brand movements across other markets. SP&I is the key to understand the tastes, preference and habits of our valued consumers so that we can offer the best products in the market at the right time, right place, and in the right quantity.

Trade Marketing & Distribution

Trade is at the forefront of Marketing as it acts as the gateway to the consumers. We work with one of the most complex distribution systems in the FMCG world in Vietnam. With the market share of 30% in a dynamic retail environment such as Vietnam, the work in Trade represents exciting challenges for those who want to master skills and acquire knowledge.

Distribution at BAT Vietnam holds a critical role in bringing to life brand strategies and transmitting them to the Trade team. It is where the knowledge of trade and brand comes together. That is why a successful performer in this function is required to have a wide range of understanding trade, field operations, brand, communications, and of the retail landscape and operations in Vietnam.

Business Development & Activation

With the aim of accelerating consumer acquisition, we've revamped our Activation model which we believe will help us achieve the crucial goal of breaking through market critical mass and deliver our ambitious target. The new Business Development & Activation team will allow us to build integrated activation platforms and establish capabilities crucial for accelerating consumer acquisition and conversion.