Contributions of the tobacco industry in Vietnam

Driving improvement

A complex industry

There are few industries with the large scale like the tobacco industry. Vietnam’s tobacco industry encompasses tobacco plant growing, product preservation, preliminarily processing and manufacturing and product consumption and distribution. The industry constitutes an important part of the economic and social structure of Vietnam. During operation in Vietnam, BAT has created a great number of jobs at the office in Ho Chi Minh City as well as at location of the two factories of British American Tobacco-Vinataba JV and VINA-BAT JV.

Being the most widely cultivated non-food crop

Tobacco is the world’s most widely cultivated non-food crop. The farmers who choose to grow tobacco because it grows well in poorer soils and volatile weather and is known for fetching stable prices. Farmers can earn good yields from very small plots of tobacco and are able to grow other crops. The techniques used for growing qualified tobacco can also be applied to growing these other crops.

Corporate Culture

BAT in Vietnam is a dynamic and creative team. We respect Vietnamese talents and invest in our employees to explore and develop their capabilities. Our corporate culture is based on 4 principles which provide certainty about what we stand for and a compass to guide our behavior.

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