Environment, health and safety

Friendly-environmental production towards community

Doing business and manufacturing in a friendly way towards the environment and community is a top priority of British American Tobacco in Vietnam.

Moreover, we draw a special attention in ensuring a safe and sound working environment for our employees as well as local citizens. We thus consistently apply environmental, health and industrial safety protection methods in accordance with Vietnamese laws and the Group’s standards.

We make every effort to protect the environment while doing business and try our best to ensure a good working environment for our employees through:

Safe comfortable working environment
Creating a safe and comfortable working environment for all employees with spacious rooms, international standards working facilities and modern office equipment.
  • Consulting with suppliers to apply international standards in dust, waste and noise management.
  • Investing in environmental control equipment in accordance with international standards, strictly complying with best standards of dust, waste and noise management and requiring our business partners to do so.
  • Introducing environmentally-friendly cultivation methods to farmers in key tobacco growing areas.
  • Carrying out well periodic health check and vaccination for labourers. Moreover, we also offer financial assistance to labourers and their family members in case they need extra treatment or hospitalization under the health care program named “Health Plus”.
  • Carrying out periodic health check and offering personal protective equipment for all technical employees.

Minimizing risks of accident at work and ensuring a safe working environment for employees are the top concerns of British American Tobacco. Some of our activities include:

  • Organizing seminars and providing safety guidelines for all employees and regularly organizing activities to improve employees’ awareness of industrial safety.
  • Organizing safety driving courses and providing helmets for all employees who regularly use motorbikes for their work.
  • Training firefighting teams to handle fire and equipping offices / factories with the most advanced firefighting equipment.
  • Advising contractors to apply safety standards while operating machines, including installing safety signs and warnings in necessary areas while at work or under maintenance.

In 2005 to 2008, BAT – Vinataba Joint Venture was awarded the Silver Prize for the good management in environment, health and industrial safety, and Excellent Prize for excellent environmental management by the Group.

From 2005 to 2011, British American Tobacco in Vietnam was awarded the certificate of merit by the Group for its excellence in managing the environmental, health and industrial safety, and achieved four consecutive years of operations with zero accidents.

From 2010 to 2016, BAT – Vinataba Joint Venture was conferred the safety award by the Group in recognition of 7 years of zero accident.

From 2010 to 2019, BAT – Vinataba Joint Venture was conferred the safety award by the Group in recognition of 10 years of zero accident.

Ten years accident free

Corporate Culture

BAT in Vietnam is a dynamic and creative team. We respect Vietnamese talents and invest in our employees to explore and develop their capabilities. Our corporate culture is based on 4 principles which provide certainty about what we stand for and a compass to guide our behavior.

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