Brand Manager
(Marketing Management Trainee 2014-1016)

“Every day at BAT, you need to adapt yourself in different roles and be yourself in any situation.”


I had received offers from PwC and Samsung when BAT approached me saying I have been chosen as a Marketing Management Trainee at the company in 2014 – 2016. Back then, as a fresh graduate, I did not think much before accepting BAT’s offer because I could sense that the challenging MT journey ahead would definitely stretch me out and make me grow rapidly. And it truly has!

In the first 6 months, I was sent to Ha Noi to work in the field. I needed to absorb sales skills and product and market knowledge and simultaneously expose myself to the new culture, living style and customer behaviors while also delivering sales volumes and team leadership. Over the next 6 months, I was rotated among various sub-functions in the Marketing department to properly prepare and help me acquire well-rounded capabilities for an upcoming 6-month assignment in Korea.

The most difficult challenge in the MT programme, from my experience, was the need to acquire a huge amount of knowledge in a short period and apply it right away and achieve success in big projects. There was no time for indecisiveness or hesitation: I had to stay focused and do it! But, to help me overcome all those hardships, people at BAT has never failed to offer me guidance, support, trust and empowerment, all of which have helped me grow into a Brand Manager today.

In a nutshell, flexibility is a must to grow at BAT. Every day you need to adapt yourself to different roles and be yourself in any situation.