Cultivating Vietnamese talents


In fact, about 91% of our employees spend less than 3 years in one position before being promoted or rotated. This represents one of the fastest career tracks among the FMCG companies. In such an exciting market as Vietnam, we always have opportunities and development plans for people who prove capabilities and commitment to the organization.

Bringing Vietnamese talents to the world

You will soon find out that BAT Vietnam opens the door for you to a global career. This does not necessarily means you will be required to travel out of the country on a constant basis. A global career at BAT Vietnam means that you will have access to a global pool of knowledge in all business functions from marketing, finance, to operations, HR, IT, and corporate affairs. You will have the right to move across different markets if you choose to and have the capabilities required. You will have the opportunities to work with global-minded colleagues and receive coaching from talented leaders from many parts of the world.

Thanks to our strong commitment to develop Vietnamese talents, many have taken senior leadership roles within our organisation as well as in other markets of BAT. Learn more about their journeys and start to draft your own.