Finance at BAT Vietnam is comprised of the sub-functions of Marketing Finance, Operations Finance, Corporate Finance, and Tax & Treasury.

BAT operates in Vietnam with three types of structures: a Representative Office, Joint Ventures, and Contract Manufacturers, each of which has a distinct financial operating structure and working process.

Within this unique and complex business model in Vietnam, Finance talent at BAT are motivated to develop and stretch their functional knowledge as well as their engagement and leadership skills to a superior level. This environment provides a unique learning and development opportunity for aspiring Finance professionals, as well as mid-career Finance looking for new career challenges.

Finance Team

As part of the BAT team, you will not only develop and improve your functional skills but also have the opportunity to participate in critical projects, generate new ideas, and contribute to important business decisions. As a result, Finance talent at BAT Vietnam are not only core finance experts, but also strong commercial thinkers, leaders and implementers

Nguyen Quoc Huy
“Having worked for more than 5 organizations and companies since my graduation, the next four-year journey at BAT, to me, till now is a total switch. At BAT, I grew from a Tax Manager to Finance Director of BAT – Vinataba Joint Venture Company. Excitingly, duties of Finance in BAT are not solely about numbers and figures, but stakeholder engagement. The challenge arises from how you interact with people and manage resources from global to regional and local entities.

Particularly, leading a huge financial resource for a whole plant to ensure it functions effectively and efficiently, on one hand, offers me a larger scope of work; simultaneously on the other hand requires me a thorough understanding of BAT complicated business model, consistent resiliency and an awake mind to stay strong beyond troubles.”
Nguyen Quoc Huy – Finance Director

As a global company with operations in more than 200 countries, we focus on standardization of all financial processes and systems. You will be exposed to the financial best practices from around the globe, as well as have the opportunity to interact and learn from international colleagues on a daily basis. BAT is truly a Global Company, providing professionals with unique perspective and insight, and culturally rich experiences, enabling them to develop on both personal and professional fronts. Change and innovation are the trademarks of the Finance function at BAT Vietnam. Here, you will be working in an environment that encourages constant learning, supported by passionate and high performing colleagues. Training and development are paramount to us - as tools to support all our employees in contributing to their full potential.

If you are a new graduate, or looking to start a career in Finance, a financial education background is not critical to join our BAT
Finance Team as long as you have ambition and potential. Strong analytical and quantitative skills are required, and you have to be a self-motivated person with a passion for learning and a result-oriented working attitude. Moreover, excellent communication and interpersonal skills are also very important to perform successfully at BAT. Upon joining us, your finance and business acumen can be developed through our 70-20-10 training structure (70% on the job, 20% from other successful peers and managers, and 10% from formal training).

For mid-career professionals, critical experience in Finance is required.  Professionals with the objective of expanding their skills, and growing to an even higher level in Finance at BAT Vietnam should be willing to take on responsibilities in different positions and entities of BAT to acquire well-rounded experience and understanding of the business and develop the agility to navigate through constant changes and new challenges.