Marketing is one of the most exciting departments of BAT Vietnam. It is the driving function with a steering influence on all other functions within the organisation.

Very few multinational FMCG companies in Vietnam allow marketing specialists to get experience in both planning and execution of a diverse brand portfolio. At BAT Vietnam, you are given that challenge. From brand and research, to business development, and trade, each individual is tested against the most demanding and exciting benchmarks in the FMCG marketing world.

Marketing team

Trieu Quang Minh
“I started with BAT two years ago and have been taking 2 roles in Trade Marketing until now. Since then, BAT has never let me down with its international platform from working style to environment, standard and process among others. The priceless chance to cooperate with stakeholders national and global alike, have been leading me to an excessive number of learning experiences, diverse mindsets and even unexpected challenges.

To be head of innovation in this unique industry and taking advantages of every opportunity coming up for the business, my decision and execution must be fast enough in reaction to dynamic changes of market demand. Sometimes, a whole deployment plan lasts its life cycle only in 1 month, yet makes definite impacts. All of those actually help to shape myself both in terms of marketing capabilities for market effectiveness and maturity personalities for people engagement.

Constantly moving, Professional, Go big and Go bold – They are all inborn natures of Marketing in BAT. Provided that you own a resilient mindset, agile and action-oriented characteristics, your career development would be truly promising at BAT.”
Trieu Quang Minh – Regional Business Development Manager

Tran Hoang Nhat Khanh
At BAT, we have well-established global standards and protocols to ensure nothing is lost in translation between the company’s various affiliates all over the world when it comes to using specific words and phrases. This is a huge advantage, I think, that every country can make good use of it that is so-called key learning community. We truly learn from each other that nothing begins from scratch. It is only an extension of the success or failure of formers.

However, that is not all that comes to my mind in the last 10 years developing my career at BAT Vietnam. Here, the way to grow is not limited to vertical promotion: it can also be sideways in the form of rotation, which is an opportunity to acquire new professional skills. For instance, it has been very good for me to step out of my comfort zone at Strategic Planning & Insights and plunge into a whole new world of Trade Marketing and Distribution with the strong support and guidance for all things from my new team. We do so with the belief that as we rise to a higher position, we need to possess a wider point of view and more intensive knowledge to deliver outstanding performance.
Tran Hoang Nhat Khanh – Senior Distribution Development Manager


Brand is the essence of Marketing at BAT Vietnam. Involvment in product development is a critical part of Marketing and it is what makes the work in Brand exciting and unique. Unlike other products, communicating a tobacco brand requires a very innovative and out-of-the-box approach in order to stay fresh in the consumers’ mind, yet strictly comply with the local laws and the global responsible marketing principles.

Trade Marketing & Distribution

Trade is at the forefront of Marketing as it acts as the gateway to the consumers. We work with one of the most complex distribution systems in the FMCG world in Vietnam. With the market share of 30% in a dynamic retail environment such as Vietnam, the work in Trade represents exciting challenges for those who want to master skills and acquire knowledge.

Distribution at BAT Vietnam holds a critical role in bringing to life brand strategies and transmitting them to the Trade team. It is where the knowledge of trade and brand comes together. That is why a successful performer in BD is required to have a wide range of understanding trade, field operations, brand, communications, and of the retail landscape and operations in Vietnam.

Strategic Planning & Insights

Strategic Planning & Insights (SP&I) serves as the foundation of all of our innovations. We value our consumers and are committed to “satisfying the consumers’ moments”. The work in SP&I is very challenging but also extremely engaging and rewarding. We have to keep abreast of cross category trends, in price positioning, packaging and overall brand movements across other markets. SP&I is the key to understand the tastes, preference and habits of our valued consumers so that we can offer the best products in the market at the right time, right place, and in the right quantity.