Youth smoking prevention

We believe that tobacco products are only suitable for adult consumers. Therefore, we fully support activities preventing youth under 18 year olds from smoking.

British American Tobacco strongly believes that smoking is only for informed adults who are aware of risks of smoking. Therefore, being a responsible tobacco company, we always make every effort to prevent and reduce smoking of youth. British American Tobacco in Vietnam absolutely supports and always complies with the Decree No.119 prohibiting the trading of tobacco products to anyone under the age of 18. We also believe that penalties for breaking such laws must be tough enough to discourage trading to underage buyers.

Youth smoking prevention
Over the past years, we have been preventing youth from smoking in major cities in Vietnam through education programmes preventing underage people from getting access to tobacco products and propagandizing tobacco use by people under 18.

A program of “Prevent minors accessing tobacco products”

Since 2008, British American Tobacco in Vietnam has been coordinating with Vinataba for a programme to prevent access to tobacco products by young people under 18. The programme aims to prevent teenagers under 18 from buying cigarettes by raising retailers’ awareness. The programme used several tools such as training videos, POSM and leaflets to inform retailers about regulations of selling tobacco products to anyone under 18 as well as provide them effective solutions for not selling cigarettes to minors.

A promotional program “Youth smoking prevention”

In 2013, British American Tobacco coordinated with its distribution partners in Vietnam to launch a promotional programme called “Youth Smoking Prevention” at 500 sales points in four major cities including Ho Chi Minh City, Hanoi, Danang and Haiphong. The programme aimed at raising retailers’ awareness of the laws against selling tobacco products to anyone under 18 and penalties for such violations. At those sales points, retailers were given with documents about legal provisions prohibiting tobacco trading to minors, banderols, leaflets and posters saying “no” to tobacco sales to minors.

This is a global programme of the Group applied in all markets where BAT operates, and is part of BAT’s policy of Corporate Social Responsibility.