International Marketing Principles

Compliance with the International Marketing Principles of the Group.

Our international marketing principles ensure a responsible and consistent approach to marketing across the Group. The marketing principles comprise four core tenets which are believed as a heart of responsible tobacco marketing:

Our marketing will not mislead about the risks of smoking.
We will only market our products to adult smokers.
We will not seek to influence the consumer’s decision about whether they should smoke or not, or how much to smoke.
It should always be clear to our consumers about the information provided by us.

The international marketing principles are our minimum standards and we apply them when they are not included in local laws. However, where local laws are stricter than or override our marketing principles, we commit to highly comply with the local laws.

Our marketing

A targeted approach

To us, product marketing is based on a deep consumer insights and a consistency in applying appropriate marketing principles with this challenging industry.

We have reoriented our marketing activities so that we can continue bringing high quality products to consumers while strictly comply the local regulations in terms of tobacco products marketing.

Starting with consumers

Our approach starts with a thorough knowledge of different consumers’ needs. We invest in researching and studying the habits and shopping behaviours of adult smokers in order to develop a diversified brand portfolio which fits our consumers’ taste, needs, financial capabilities and shopping habits.

We incessantly renovate and improve our products through blending methods, high-quality tobacco leaves, new filters and other new forms of products. Besides, we also ceaselessly invest in studying less harmful products to satisfy adult smokers’ demand for alternatives.

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Corporate social investment

We know that we’ll only succeed if we work as part of a broad community of people, businesses and agencies to create shared value. We have a responsibility to ensure that our people, our suppliers, the communities around our operations and society at large all thrive as a result of our business

Corporate social investment programme
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